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Canadian Handbook of Practice - 2nd edition (Electronic Format, published in 2009)

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CHOP 2.0 is the definitive reference for the architectural practice in Canada. A must-have for every office as an indispensable on-the-job resource. Essential for interns and students preparing for examinations.

CHOP 2.0 offers:

  • More than 50 checklists - digital-era ready, including one for Integrated Design Process for Retrofitting Buildings;
  • Up-to-date references;
  • Current contacts and practice advice;
  • The latest provincial statistics and regulations.

Available in PDF format only.


New! CHOP Surveys – We want your input!

The RAIC and the provincial associations have begun the project to update the Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects. CHOP Third Edition online and PDF releases are planned for publication in Spring 2019.

We want your input. If you have ideas about contemporary architectural practice and best practices in service delivery, we want to hear from you.


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