Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Technical Guidelines for submitting electronic material

Please note that binders, including hardcopies of project images, are no longer accepted. For each entry, a printed copy of the nomination or submission form must be included in the submission package, along with a cheque or credit card payment information included in the submission form and a CD-ROM or USB key.

For reproduction clarity, printed copies should be in black ink on one-sided 8 ½” x 11” white sheets of paper (portrait orientation). These same documents must also be included in electronic format (Microsoft Word or PDF), along with digital images, on a CD-ROM or USB key.

Entries can be submitted either in English or in French.

Submission package should contain:

  • Entry Fee (if applicable);
  • Nomination or Submission Form;
  • Project Credit Sheet (if applicable);
  • Supporting documentation, as described under the Submission Requirements for the award;
  • Signed Declaration;
  • Key List of Images (if applicable);
  • Electronic images (if applicable).


Images (photos, drawings, graphics, diagrams, plans, etc.) must be included digitally on two (2) duplicate PC-compatible CDs or DVDs. Discs must be labeled with the project name.

An image file can be composed of one or several images. All images used in a composite image must be provided as individual image files (at high resolution only) in a folder entitled “Composite Individual Images”.

Each image must be saved in two resolutions; a high resolution version for publication purposes and a low resolution version for jury adjudication. Images must be stored in corresponding folders labeled “High Resolution” and “Low Resolution”.

Electronic images must comply with the following specifications:

  • Only JPEG image-format saved at high-quality/low-compression setting are acceptable. Low-quality/high-compression JPEGs will not be accepted.
  • High resolution images must be 300 dpi, and approximately 4200 x 3150 pixels. Low resolution images must be 72 dpi and have a maximum size of approximately 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • All images should be in RGB color mode (CMYK will not be accepted).
  • All file names are composed of a number followed by a title. Single digit numbers must start with zero "0" (ex.: "01title.jpg"… "09title.jpg", "10title.jpg"). Do not use punctuation or symbols in the titles.
  • Compressed archive files (.zip, .sit) will not be accepted.

Key List of Images

The Key List of Images should include image file name, a brief description, and photographer credits where applicable for each image provided.