Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Media Releases

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2017 Moriyama RAIC International $100,000 (CAD) Prize for Excellence in Architecture announces shortlisted projects 2017-05-25
2017 Moriyama RAIC International Prize now accepting submissions 2016-11-16
Announcing: New Chief Executive Officer of the RAIC 2018-03-15
Architects call for Indigenous design for new centre 2017-06-20
Architects from 15 communities named 2016 Fellows 2016-04-28
Architects from 16 cities named 2017 Fellows 2017-05-11
Court case regarding Victims of Communism memorial site ends 2016-01-22
Finalists selected in ‘Parklet’ Design Competition 2016-04-27
Free public lecture from winners of Governor General’s Medals in Architecture 2016-09-15
Governor General’s Medals in Architecture: Call for entries 2017-10-16
Manitoba architect inducted as 2018 President 2018-02-12
Montreal architect inducted as RAIC 2017 President 2017-02-07
Moriyama RAIC International Prize Scholarships - DEADLINE MARCH 8 2017-01-19
Moriyama RAIC Prize Lecture Video Series now online 2016-01-15
Nanaimo parklets leave lasting impact 2016-07-14
Ontario Place Cinesphere and Pods and CN Tower receive 2017 Prix du XXe siècle 2017-04-25
Ottawa architect inducted as 77th President of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 2016-01-16
Projects in nine cities receive National Urban Design Awards 2016-04-11
RAIC and OAA present the 2017 Festival of Architecture in Ottawa 2016-11-25
RAIC announces 2016 Architectural Firm Award recipient 2016-03-11
RAIC announces 2017 Advocate for Architecture Award recipient 2017-03-21
RAIC announces 2018 Architectural Firm Award recipient 2018-03-07
RAIC announces 2018 Honorary Fellows 2018-01-24
RAIC announces recipient of 2017 Allied Arts Medal 2017-03-17
RAIC announces recipient of the 2017 Green Building Award 2017-04-11
RAIC announces recipient of the 2018 Emerging Architectural Practice Award 2018-03-21
RAIC announces recipients of the President’s Medal for Media in Architecture 2017-05-01
RAIC awards 2018 Gold Medal to Saucier + Perrotte Architectes 2018-02-20
RAIC awards posthumous 2017 Gold Medal to Roger du Toit 2017-02-28
RAIC College of Fellows elects a new Chancellor 2017-04-11


Media Releases - 2015

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2016 Prix du XXe siècle: Call for nominations 2015-10-07
Architects from 13 Canadian cities named 2015 Fellows 2015-04-13
Canada’s first Centennial project receives the Prix du XXe siècle 2015-04-27
Group takes legal action on Memorial to Victims of Communism 2015-06-29
Introducing the RAIC’s new executive director 2015-09-25
Moriyama RAIC International Prize Illumination Lecture - Toronto 2015-10-21
Moriyama RAIC International Prize Illumination Lecture Series - Montreal 2015-10-23
Political parties weigh in on built environment 2015-10-16
RAIC announces 2015 Architectural Firm Award recipient 2015-02-17
RAIC Announces Recipient of 2015 Advocate for Architecture Award 2015-03-30
RAIC announces recipient of 2015 Allied Arts Medal 2015-03-16
RAIC announces recipient of 2015 Green Building Award 2015-04-01
RAIC announces winner of 2015 Urban Marker competition 2015-04-17
RAIC announces winners of the President’s Award for Media in Architecture 2015-04-09
RAIC honours Brian MacKay-Lyons with 2015 Gold Medal 2015-02-10
RAIC issues statement on 24 Sussex Drive 2015-11-02
RAIC names 2015 Honourary Fellows: Zita Cobb and Vassilis Sgoutas 2015-01-15
RAIC names recipient of 2015 Emerging Architectural Practice Award 2015-03-05
RAIC names recipient of its 2015 Young Architect Award 2015-03-10
RAIC names winners of Innovation in Architecture award 2015-04-17
RAIC raises concerns over Maison Alcan 2015-10-01
RAIC statement on federal election result 2015-10-22
RAIC statement on the National Memorial to Victims of Communism 2015-02-05
RAIC welcomes changes to Victims of Communism memorial 2015-12-17
Samuel Oboh inducted as the 76th President of the RAIC 2015-01-23
Sonja Bata to receive RAIC Lifetime Contribution Award 2015-05-13