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RAIC 2019 Continuing Education Program

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is embarking on an ambitious continuing education program for 2019. As the national architectural advocacy and professional practice support body in Canada, the RAIC is a leading provider of high quality and engaging continuing education opportunities.



Continuing Education for Architects in Canada

For architects to maintain their architectural license in Canada, a number of structured/core and self-directed continuing education learning credits/hours must be obtained within a specific time frame. This amount of time is called a continuing education cycle, and the length and duration of these cycles are determined by the provincial associations of architecture. The number of hours of continuing education required is also specified by the provincial associations and currently differs among the provinces.

There is no formal approval/accreditation process for continuing education providers in Canada. Structured/core learning activities are developed, or reviewed, and delivered by the RAIC, a provincial/territorial association, or an independent continuing education provider. Self-directed activities are selected by the individual architect and must relate to the practice or business of architecture.

The RAIC provides courses for both members and non-members that are intended to be counted toward structured/core credits. An official RAIC certificate of attendance, including a description of the offering, learning outcomes, and the number of credits is issued following all RAIC continuing education offerings. The RAIC is responsible for all content generated by these courses, workshops, webinars, and rapid e-learning modules.

In addition to providing continuing education opportunities, the RAIC manages the National Continuing Education Database. In this role, the RAIC facilitates the management of the system and user accounts and transcripts. The RAIC does not upload any credits to the database, including for members or RAIC-issued continuing education credits.

The provincial associations currently participating in the database are:

•    Saskatchewan Association of Architects
•    Nova Scotia Association of Architects
•    Newfoundland Association of Architects
•    North West Territories Association of Architects
•    Architects’ Association of New Brunswick
•    Architects Association of Prince Edward Island
•    Manitoba Association of Architects


RAIC Member Benefits

Members receive special pricing on most RAIC continuing education programs year-round.


Online Learning

The RAIC is a strong proponent of online learning. As such, a variety of delivery methods and course scopes will be available. This includes weekly one-hour “Webday” webinars on Wednesdays (to be structured around a monthly theme); live-streamed courses; online rapid e-learning modules, and online credit-based courses.


Webday Wednesdays

'Webday Wednesdays' are webinar-based learning opportunities organized into monthly, thematic mini-series, comprised of multiple related webinars in both English and French. Each of these weekly webinars are presented by a different subject matter expert in the field being explored. 'Webday Wednesdays' take place on three to four Wednesdays for the following months:

•    January: Building Information Modeling (BIM)
•    February: Energy + Architecture
•    March: Adaptive Reuse
•    April: Architectural Design Processes
•    May: Advanced Building Envelopes
•    November: Wood Architecture + Construction
•    December: Marketing + Communications in Architecture


Workshops, Classroom Courses, and Live Events

Following a popular 2018 schedule, the RAIC is pleased to announce that the Project Management for Architects course will be taking place in additional cities across the country in 2019. Cities include: Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Victoria and Halifax.

In addition, a new set of new cross-country courses in 2019 include:
•    The Practical Application of Contracts for Architects
•    Contract Administration for Architects
•    Leadership Skills for Architects

The RAIC will also present limited-edition workshops in heritage conservation based on unique opportunities and special site access. These workshops will address the following topics:

•    Adaptive Reuse Design Charrette
•    Practical Hands-on Application of the Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
•    Emerging Technologies and the Intersection of Heritage Architecture


2019 Festival of Architecture

The RAIC’s annual Festival of Architecture, taking place in Toronto from October 26 to November 2, 2019, is an excellent opportunity to accumulate a significant number of continuing education credits in a short time span, and from leading experts in the field.

In previous years, attendees have been able to receive up to 13.5 structured/core credits in just a few days, in addition to the keynotes, social events, networking and other opportunities that Festival delivers.

As an addition to the official festival programming for 2019, the annual, national POP // CAN // CRIT Symposium will take place in Toronto on October 26, in partnership with the festival. POP // CAN // CRIT 2019: The Education and Emergence of Architects in Canada will also be eligible for RAIC continuing education hours.

Call for Educators

The RAIC is looking for educators (instructors and subject matter experts) to assist in the production and delivery of its exceptional continuing education program. An ongoing call for webinar presentations and presenters is currently open. Content-specific calls will also be shared here and in the RAIC Continuing Education Bulletin.

RAIC Continuing Education Bulletin

To share the latest updates on continuing education opportunities, the RAIC has introduced a bi-weekly RAIC Continuing Education Bulletin. Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for new events, important deadlines, and future offerings.

Have more questions? Interested in becoming involved in the production or delivery of the RAIC’s continuing education program? Please contact:



Webday Wednesdays - BIM Series - January 2019


Webday Wednesdays - Energy Series - February 2019


Project Management for Architects - Toronto 2019


Project Management for Architects - Halifax 2019