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The RAIC's in-house magazine "Architecture" has been discontinued. Association news is now published quarterly within the pages of Canadian Architect magazine as "The RAIC Journal."

Summer / Fall 2015

Transforming a Campus Library
(Web Edition)

Winter / Spring 2015

Healing a Community
(Web Edition)

Summer / Fall 2014

Open to Nature
(Web Edition)

Winter / Spring 2014

Healthcare Design Can Improve Patient Outcomes
(Web Edition)

Summer / Fall 2013

Awards Recognizing Excellence
(Web Edition)

Winter / Spring 2013

Justice Architecture: Designed as Reflections of Local Communities
(Web Edition)

Summer / Fall 2012

Manitoba Hydro Place surpasses sustainability targets
(Web Edition)

Winter / Spring 2012

Giving a new generation a close up of the 2030 Challenge
(Web Edition)

Summer / Fall 2011

Education projects zero in on 2030 Challenge
(Web Edition)

Winter / Spring 2011

Rising to the 2030 Challenge
(Web Edition)

Summer / Fall 2010

Designing Excellence for Justice Centres
(Web Edition)

Winter / Spring 2010 

Justice centres open to new design
(Web Edition)

Summer / Fall 2009 

Architects bringing ‘life’ to health-care design
(Web Edition)

Winter / Spring 2009 

High-performance Schools
(Web Edition)