Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Call for nominations: Position of Dean, College of Fellows (Deadline: February 26)

Members of the College of Fellows are hereby invited to submit a nomination for the position of Dean of the College of Fellows.  The Dean shall be elected by Fellows from the list of nominations.  The election shall take place in the last year of the office of the current Dean and be adopted at the Annual General Meeting.

The term of J. Robert Thibodeau, FIRAC, of Vancouver, current Dean ends June 1, 2018.

Duties of the Dean are as follows:

  • The Dean shall be responsible for regional chapters, fellowship lists, committee memberships and national screening co-ordination;
  • The Dean shall perform all of the duties incidental to the office, those required by the Rules and Regulations of the College of Fellows, and those delegated to the office by the Officers of the College of Fellows;
  • The Dean shall serve a three-year term commencing at the College of Fellows annual meeting in June 2018.

Please note the following conditions:

  • Only RAIC Fellows in good standing are eligible to nominate and be nominated;
  • Each candidate is required to be nominated by five (5) Fellows in good standing;
  • In the interest of fair play, current Officers of the College and other National Committee members and members of the Board of Directors of the RAIC shall not nominate or otherwise publicly support a candidate.


•    The completed nomination form, accompanied by a 200-word statement from the candidate, outlining briefly the candidate’s background and vision about participating as an Officer of the College, should be e-mailed, delivered or faxed to the RAIC National Office (see below) to be received by February 26th, 2018.

•    An election ballot will be e-mailed to each Fellow and a hardcopy will be mailed to Fellows without an email address, including a list of the names of all candidates, a copy of each candidate’s statement and the names of the Fellows nominating each candidate.