Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Project Architect

Wed, 2017-09-27 16:24 -- connie.casovan
Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd.
Job Description: 

General Responsibilities

1.     Manages a team to producing profitable projects.

2.     Maintains effective liaison with clients representing the firm in a professional manner maintain client confidence and respect.

3.     Meets with prospective clients and assists in the preparation of proposals and fee letters.

4.     Initiates, leads, and develops new projects and participates in firm marketing and managing efforts.

5.     Establishes and maintains project criteria and communicates same to all concerned.

6.     Establishes and monitors internal budgets and schedules.

7.     Efficiently develops complete, fully checked project documents on time and within the construction budget.

8.     Administers the architectural / engineering services during the construction phase.

9.     Motivates team personnel toward performance excellence in all assigned tasks.

10.  Assigns personnel consistent with schedule and budget constraints.

11.  Serves as the line of communication between the project team and management.

12.  Administers team policies and procedures.

13.  Maintains a positive firm image within the community.

14.  Designs award presentations.

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Position Type: 
Years of Experience: 
Auto-CAD: Advanced
Revit: Advanced
Required Languages: 
English: Native
Required Degree Level: 
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