Let’s talk about connectivity

Image credit: Connectivity image courtesy of Kiarra Albina

The RAIC and d.talks are launching ‘Connectivity’, a new collaborative event in Calgary. ‘Connectivity’ is a transit-oriented architectural design that adopts user-centered notion of the built environment.

Also at this event, there will be an announcement of signing the MOU by Basel Abdulaal, the RAIC Alberta Chapter Chair, and Amery Calvelli, d.talks Board Chair.

Let’s talk about…connectivity

Join the RAIC and d.talks in discussion on development that serves transit. What’s key to making a neighborhood feel connected? We’ll explore the design considerations that simplify everyday errands and create nice places to gather.  What makes integrating different uses and mobility options hard to do? Can transit-oriented development become a destination? What’s design’s role in all of this? TOD, let’s talk.

Monday December 4


Transit pick-up: 5:30pm*

Scandinavian Centre

730 – 20th Ave SW



Alison Karim-McSwiney / International Avenue BRZ

Antonio Gomez-Palacio / Dialog

Fabiola MacIntyre / The City of Calgary

Moderated by: Todd Hirsch / ATB Financial

*Special to this event, The City of Calgary is offering complimentary bus service to and from the event. Catch the bus at City Hall (800 Macleod Trail SE). Details on departure times are at http://dtalks.org and accompany advance ticket purchases.