RAIC endorses ACCERT

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) endorses the Alberta Consulting Construction Emergency Relief Team (ACCERT) — a pro-active, collaborative, not-for-profit organization established to assist in disaster relief and reconstruction efforts related to natural disasters, adverse events or calamity.

The RAIC recognizes the need to respond quickly to emergencies and assemble the project teams needed to deliver critical infrastructure in times of disaster.

Following the 2013 floods in Southern Alberta, the resources to swiftly deliver flood relief and recovery projects were severely challenged. It is against this backdrop and in response to requests for assistance from the built-environment sector that ACCERT was established.  Through the innovative collaboration of associations representing architects, engineers and builders in Alberta, ACCERT provides a made-in-Alberta solution directed to resource challenges experienced by Alberta Infrastructure and other government recovery organizations.

The RAIC has reviewed ACCERT’s Memorandum of Association. It accepts ACCERT’s logical, collaborative and proactive approach to providing access to the combined resources of key disciplines. Such an approach will enable efficient and excellent delivery of disaster relief and reconstruction projects.

RAIC | Architecture Canada is a voluntary national association established in 1907 as the voice for architecture and its practice in Canada. It seeks to build awareness and appreciation of the built environment.

We feel that ACCERT’s intentions are in line with the RAIC’s mission to: affirm that architecture matters; celebrate the richness and diversity of architecture in Canada; and support architects in achieving excellence.