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Gold Medal

Deadline for nominations: January 15, 2015

Terms of Reference

Architecture Canada's Gold Medal is the highest honour that it can bestow in recognition of a significant and lasting contribution to Canadian architecture and is not to be construed as a competition. The terms of reference set forth here outline the process of selection to be used to identify the recipient of this honour.

>  Purpose

>  Call for Nominations

>  Announcement

>  Eligibility

>  Professional Advisor

>  Acceptance

>  Criteria

>  Jury



1. Purpose of the Honour

In recognition of a significant body of work deemed to be a major contribution to Canadian architecture, and having lasting influence on the theory and/or the practice of architecture, either – through demonstrated excellence in design; and/or, excellence in research or education.

2. Eligibility

Any individual, living or dead, may be nominated to receive the Gold Medal. In exceptional circumstances, the Gold Medal may be awarded to more than one individual architect where it is clearly demonstrated that the nominees have individually and collectively met the selection criteria.

No more than one such award shall be made in any year.

3. Criteria

Candidates will be evaluated on how well they meet the program criteria as established by the Board, which may include:

  • The candidate shall have demonstrated great depth, having a cumulative effect on the profession of architecture in Canada.
  • The candidate shall have demonstrated great breadth, having influenced the practice of architecture, the teaching of architecture, and/or research in architecture.
  • The candidate shall have demonstrated the ability to transcend specific areas of expertise or shall have made connections between areas of focus that might be considered circumscribed.
  • The candidate shall be widely known by the quality of his or her work: by those who practice architecture, by those who teach architecture, and by those who perhaps do neither.

4. Call for Nominations

  • Nominations can be made by one or more members of Architecture Canada.
  • Nominations received will be considered each year for five consecutive years, after which the nomination will lapse.
    • The nominator(s) may modify/revise the submission to bring it up to date.
    • Previous nominees may be re-nominated.

Submission Requirements

  • Please note that binders, including hardcopies of project images, are no longer accepted. For each entry, a printed copy of the nomination form must be included in the submission package and all of the following material must be saved in one PDF file on two duplicate CD-ROMs.
  • Each submission may not exceed a maximum of 35 pages, and should include the following material:
    • Completed nomination form [106 KB];
    • A brief biography of the nominee (max. 2 pages);
    • A statement of the nominee’s achievements;
    • Supporting material, which can include background information such as significant projects, awards, media clippings, publications, copies of articles from journals, etc.
    • Letters of support and testimonials.
  • All submission material must be included in one PDF file on two duplicate  CD-ROMs.
  • Submissions will be addressed to the Executive Director of Architecture Canada at the national headquarters municipal address.

5. Professional Advisor

Architecture Canada will engage a Professional Advisor to administer the selection process. The Professional Advisor will be responsible to:

  • Answer any and all questions with respect to the submissions with the assistance of the Architecture Canada Executive Director / Awards Staff.
  • Review of the submissions to ensure compliance with the requirements and eligibility.
  • Confirm list of eligible entries.
  • Review and advise on instructions document for adjudication (“charge to the jury”) to be sent to Jury members prior to evaluation event.
  • Call to order of the Jury (preliminary teleconferences). Review process and answer any questions.
  • Ensure commitment to ensure forms are signed by Jury members.
  • Advise the Jury on matters related to the selection process during the assessment.
  • Manage the Jury process and meeting.
  • Record comments from Jurors assessment of candidates for Award.
  • Solicit and record summary comments for successful award decision.
  • Advise Architecture Canada on award, prepare summary notes including recommendations for changes to process for Board review.

6. Jury

National Committee of the College of Fellows shall appoint a Jury of five each year which will be Chaired by the Chancellor of the College (or his/her delegate), and may include Past Presidents, past Gold Medal recipients, distinguished scholars or educators, a member of the public, and other distinguished members of the profession.

Jury Information

  • The Professional Advisor and the Architecture Canada office will prepare an information package for the Jury members.
  • The information will be sent in advance of the meeting.
  • Jury members will be required to sign an acknowledgement of the terms of reference.
  • Jury members will be required to sign an acknowledgement and acceptance of the Jury composition.

Jury Deliberations

  • After preliminary discussions of the Jury, there will be a formal face to face Jury meeting for selection of Medalist.
  • Confidentiality (process & results): Jury members will be required to sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Conflict of interest: Jury members will be required to sign a conflict of interest declaration.

Jury Decision

  • Ideally the honoree will be selected through consensus of the Jury.
  • In the absence of unanimity, the Jury shall establish a short list of no more than three candidates from amongst the nominees.
  • The following voting procedure will then come into effect:
    • 1st Ballot – vote for 1 - lowest number drops out
    • 2nd ballot – vote for 1 - majority wins

7. Recipient Announcement and Communications

The Jury shall make a recommendation for awarding the Gold Medal which will be referred to the Architecture Canada Board Executive for endorsement. Prior to the Executive endorsing the recipient of the Gold Medal, the President shall confirm ‘in confidence’ that the nominee is willing to receive the honour.

The recipient of the Gold Medal shall be officially informed by letter co-signed by the President of Architecture Canada and the Chancellor of the College of Fellows.

There shall be an announcement of the Gold Medal winner to coincide with the publication and distribution of the issue of Canadian Architect, which features the Gold Medal, usually to coincide with the annual Architecture Canada Festival.

8. Gold Medalist obligations upon acceptance

The recipient agrees to:

  • Supply illustrations and other graphic materials, and allow the publication of representative works, giving Architecture Canada full permission to reproduce such materials for publication and promotional purposes.
  • Deliver an address at the function for the presentation of the Gold Medal, which shall be a feature of the Architecture Canada Festival of that year.